Printing Service Plans - MC/Service Leader Cards

Hey everyone,

I've just started to use the service plan section and am finding it difficult to move ahead with getting the right settings for printing.

I have worked out a template for a more extensive runsheet. So no worries there.

Now I need to work out how to create a template to print a more 'minimalistic' card in larger font for those MC'ing the service. Whenever I try creative 2 or 3 columns, info gets discluded.

Very confused... can anyone help?

Posted by becci.flint

Hi Becci

Thanks for posting! What information do you want to include in the MC runsheet and what information do you find get discluded?

Posted by jess.murphy

Hey Jess...

At the moment I'm trying to print 3 columns to a page in font 12 or 14.

It duplicates the positions I've indicated for it to show and also the pre-service info, and logo so thats fine.

However it only shows info for service and post service in the first column... I also need to work out a way to compact it so it doesn't spread over 3 pages but still has the font big enough for the MC to glance at and read.

Posted by becci.flint

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