People Flow Print Letter Option

Hi Team,

I am just wondering if the option to send a letter (or send communication...SMS, email or letter) can incorporated into the flow step actions. We are discovering that sending the 'good old fashioned' letter might be a more friendlier option over populating peoples inbox.

Because people matter!

Rhema Family Church

Posted by Murray

Hi Murray,

Thanks for the idea- I'll pass this on as a feature request to be looked at for our next update to people flows! I can see how these extra options could be useful :)


Posted by hannah.pettett

Has there been any progress on being able to send letters or texts in people flows? We don't see the need to use People Flows until we have these options?



Hi Don,

No progress at this stage, but it's definitely something we want to see implemented in the coming months!

I'll pass on your interest to see this implemented as an option.

Hope this helps you,


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