automatic email for recurring group events

I can't see the ability to create automatic email reminders for recurring group events - have I missed something?

Queanbeyan Uniting

Posted by Steve Coster

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately at this stage our system does not support recurring email reminders for group events. This is a feature we are hoping to add in the future, however, and I will put forward a request to our developers. Until then you are still able to manually send these reminders each time the event occurs.

Hope this helps!


Posted by hannah.pettett

Hi Hannah
Thanks for the reply, I'll look forward to it - it would help make the calendar much more functional.:-)

Posted by Steve Coster


I just sent this as an email, but I thought it was worth mentioning here on the forums too.

For our weekly services we're starting to have each department head be responsible for scheduling their own volunteers. Our goal is to have each department head have their volunteers scheduled by Thursday evening for our two Sunday services. I'd like to set up a recurring email and/or SMS to be sent to the department heads on Thursday of every week to remind them to fill in their volunteers.

How we do this isn't too important, be it a standalone recurring email (similar to scheduled reports), or linked to a private event we create in the calendar (like the original topic here mentioned), or if it's a feature added to the services (send an email to a specific set of people X days before a service).

Is anything like this currently possible? If so, what's the best way of doing this?



Hi Brian.

I've copied the response I sent in reply to your email here.

Currently there are a number of areas that do have automatic recurring emails, such as Group Attendance report reminders, or scheduling a report to be emailed to someone every week for example. It's also possible to schedule emails and/or sms to an individual as well. That being said, the system can have a general email set to recurring, such as a reminder to roster volunteers.

Currently a work around would be to have a group with the department leaders as members, and simply using the 'Contact Group' button to schedule an email to the members of the group. You will have to schedule an email for each week if you're wanting to have this as a weekly email/SMS though. Also, if you add a new member to the group, you will have to delete the existing scheduled emails, and re-schedule them to have the new members added.

Another way would be to have a 'Volunteer Services Position' report scheduled to be emailed to them every week. This has the added benefit that they'd be able to see who held what positions in the past month if you set it that way. This does mean you'll have to add each person to the email schedule.

I've added a feature request in for the ability to schedule recurring emails/SMS in the same manner you would do a normal scheduled email.

Hope this helps,


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