Multiple Check Ins by One Person

Just wondering if it is possible to do a multiple check in without having to search for people individually or via families. Possibly even sorting through a particular demographic would be easier and allow people to check a lot of people in at once via a checklist of those people listed.

This would be helpful for example when just wanting to take a roll like at youth group and then be able to see from reports who has not been there for a number of weeks. Likewise with our services so we can see who has not been there and therefore who we need to follow up.


Posted by Narrabri Youth

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately this feature is not available at the moment, but we'll pass it on to our developers to add it to our feature request list to look at implementing :)

Posted by hannah.pettett

We do this through service reports, you have to set the youth group up as a service type and add the dates as services, then you can use the 'mass add' feature.

Posted by anna

Anna can you describe how to do this a bit more please. Really new to all of this and finding it a steep learning curve. Thanks

Posted by Narrabri Youth

We're still setting up too :-). We've set up CREST (our youth group) as a group and as a service (like we have 8, 10am & 6pm services). Then we've set up each service date as we have for our church services and the team mark the roll at CREST as though it is a church service.

go into Services, view services, select your service (eg CREST 7 March 2014), go into reporting. At the bottom right there is a button 'Mass Add Individuals' where you can filter your list (eg by your youth group) and then you can go through everyone in the group you've chosen. There is also an area for notes on the left (eg visitors) and another section further down on the right where you can add individuals who may not have shown up in the group list. Also you can add on the right the number of visitors not included in the automatic numbers generated on the left.

It is a bit clunky and we've found it is too slow trying to do it at the service and it is easier to tick off a printed list then do it later on the database.

This way we get the reporting you're seeking.

Hope this helps, I found a bit of playing around and trial-and-error was the way to figure it out.

Posted by anna

Hi guys

We have done to a degree similar to Anna in setting up a service specific to Youth. However, we decided to move away from using groups as it grew to an unmanageable number.

We use online checkin as the youth arrive. We have 3 people checking in the kids and we have divided the list into alphabetical groupings simply to make it easier for us. By using online checkin where there are multiple family members you can simply add all.

We haven't had any issues with this since putting the new process in place.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Dreambuilders Church

Posted by krissonsmith

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