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Hey Team, I have seen some maps that locate where all the 'Maccas' stores may be in a location etc. Is it possible to integrate a similar feature, so we can at a glance, see where pockets of people may be living to start a group etc, similar to the groups integration, but can that be based on families?

Does that make sense?


Posted by Murray

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Hi Murray,

Thanks for your idea!

Although this is a feature we don't currently have in place, I know it is something we are looking at integrating in future updates. I'll pass your vote on to have it implemented :)


Posted by hannah.pettett

Add 3 votes for me. It would be very helpful for us

Posted by pcardona

We would use this feature to help organise transport to a camp. If everyone registered for a camp is part of a group then to be able to visualise on a large google map where everyone in that group lives, then we could use it to better coordinate car-pooling.

Posted by andrew

Thanks guys, will do.

We will definitely be looking at rolling this out in a coming feature update, so I'd recommend following our blog to stay updated :)

Have a great day!

Posted by hannah.pettett

I'd also like to add my vote to this feature request. We often have people moving into our area and it would be wonderful if we could easily pinpoint church members who live near them.



To be able to view a map showing where people live would help us tremendously, for example, in organising transport for some of our elderly folk. Perhaps selection by People Category/ demographics etc would be helpful.

I can see this feature request is very old, however. Any news?



Hi Graeme.

I've added your support to this request as well.

Currently we have not started looking at ways of doing this, but from a technical point of view this is definitely possible.



This feature would be incredibly helpfull in so many areas of church work, please add my vote again. Can it count twice? 

Hi Pablo.

At this stage I won't add your support the second time.

I was talking to the developers about this over lunch yesterday and they're definitely wanting to look into something like this after the V2 release, although the exact timeframe for this is yet to be decided.


Hi Stewart,

Please add my vote for this feature!! I can't see it in Version 2 as yet - but I may not have looked in the right place...




Hi Leanne

We've not yet added this in, although when viewing an individuals profile, you can now click the orange 'Map' button to see the relevant map for their address.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart.

Yes, the orange button is very cool!!! I shall wait with baited breath for the ability to see a map with an overview of all our members. Thanks for all you are doing to make Elvanto even better.  :)



Please add another vote from me. 

Came looking for exactly this - ability to show member address locations on a map (or, even better, search by map then spit out a list of members in that grid, or search by distance from a given address etc) would be super useful as we try to organise lifts for elderly folk, car-pooling for events etc.

Thanks team!


Would love to add my vote to this request also. A map version/view of the result of a people search would be incredible. 


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