Sure would love the 'line preview' feature

Sure would love the 'line preview' feature that Planning Center has for editing chords and lyrics.
It would save having to save, load, open a pdf, and then do it all over again for every edit.

I sure do love how many of the Planning Center features you have incorporated into Elvanto.

Posted by chriswiebe

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the idea! We'll look into it and add it to our feature request list.


Posted by hannah.pettett

Still trying to decide if I want to make the switch to Elvanto from Planning Center...this is a major feature I use on PCO and if there's no ability to view your edits without having to save, download and open every time, then I'm probably going to stick with PCO.  You guys working on this at all since this was requested 2 years ago?

Hi Matt

Thanks for the response. At this stage we haven't made any progress. We've been focusing on some major updates to our interface and backend updates and haven't had a chance at this stage to add in little things like this.


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