Leadership team meetings (elders/deacons)

I am asking how best to handle these in Elvanto so that the participants can see the associated documents - agenda and minutes, and attendance records can be kept.

We have a church leadership team meeting once a month. Each meeting has a set agenda and minutes are taken. From time to time there is additional reading that participants can complete from additional documents. We would also like to keep record of attendance.

Can you please describe for me how we would best achieve this in Elvanto. I'd really appreciate it.


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Hi Matt,

Happy to help :)

There are a couple of ways you can handle these kinds of meetings. The first thing I would suggest is to create a group for the elders/deacons. Groups allow you to report on meetings for things like attendance, and also attach notes. We have a support page to help you get set up in groups here:[][/url].

In regards to sharing additional reading and documents with these people, there are a couple of options you have. You can contact all the people in the group via email (and send those mentioned attachments), or add posts in elvanto which are viewable only to that group.

Instructions for both are as below:
Contacting people and groups via email: [][/url]
Information about 'posts' in elvanto [][/url]

Let me know if there's anything I can further clarify or help you with!


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I think it would be great to integrate a Project Management option for these types of scenarios. We have investigated this and as Hannah suggested we followed that option. Except when you are a larger church that is team centric, it becomes a bit of a challenge with all the different group / permissions settings/.

If it had the ability to track tasks and progress of projects in a similar to people flow... we might be onto something...big.

I have trialled [url=]Asana Project Management[/url] that looks great from a simplicity basis.


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