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This is for the latest update in which the new Groups Calendar was added. I noticed that all the groups are placed in the calendar in the same color. Could this be changed to match the Group Category color, that way it would be easier to identify what kind of group it is. With so many groups it gets hard to figure them out.

If possible, It would be even better if the icon used for that group category was added on the side of the group. Kind of like adding a flair in google maps.

Posted by pcardona

Hi Pablo,
Thanks for the idea.

Yes, they're currently all by default set to one color, but we'll look at making these customizable in a future update.


Posted by hannah.pettett

For us we are finding it confusing as the feature doesn't take location lockdowns into consideration.  We have a number of groups appearing on the calendars of people who should no be able to see anything relating to that location.

We also have a group that used to meet on a Tuesday evening now start meeting on a Wednesday evening. Though the change has been made in the group details this is not being reflected in the calendar. How do we make the change so that the calendar reflects it?

Hi Rhys,

Hm, this sounds like a bug. 

I've passed the on to be looked into by one of the developers and will get back to you via email.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I'll put this forward as a usability request to the developers and get back to you, too!

Have a great afternoon,


I ended up just creating calendar entries for each of our connect groups. We have 2 groups that meet on a schedule that cannot be accommodated through the Groups Calendar. For example, my group meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. On the group calendar the closest I can get is every other week. Doesn't work for us.


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