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When sending bulk emails, is it possible for one email, to be sent to people who share the same email address- addressed to both/all of them? Does this need a special address code?

this would be very handy

Steve Coster
Queanbeyan Uniting Church

Posted by Steve Coster

Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out to us with this! Happy to help you :)

You can change these settings from within the email pop up by clicking 'More Options'.

If you want to send only one copy to members who share the same address, tick 'Do not send multiple emails to the same address'. To change who it is addressed to, from within the 'Add a Field' tab on the right-hand side, select 'Primary & Spouse First Name' to add into the to field. Theres a picture of this below if it helps!

Have a great day!


Posted by hannah.pettett

We have this problem too.  While the more options are great as we have multiple users they don't always remember to check / uncheck as required.  If there was a way to change the To {first name} to include all those that meet the criteria with that address that would be great.  For example, To John & Helen that way both are being contacted...

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