Access Permission: Descriptions and set-up

[b]Feature request:[/b]
It'd be great if there were a description field on the access permission so I can describe who that particular access permission is for. For example, Administrators - 'Anyone who performs an administrative function in the church but is not in a leadership role. This role does not have access to sensitive information (notes, financial, etc).'

[b]Setting up access permissions correctly:[/b]
It's early days for us and I am already finding the set-up associated with access permissions to be mind-boggling. I am aware that this area could become a real mess if the set-up is not done well. I don't want adhoc permissions being created for small groups of users. I'd like more generic groupings that can be applied to the different functions in the church. For example, I have an administrator who needs access to the responses of a certain form. I don't want to give her broad access to a lot of other information as it is not appropriate for her but I also don't want to create an access permission just for her. So I need to think of a permission that will work for her and others who might be similar to her in their role. Something similar to the administrator role I described above.

Does it sound like I'm on the right track?

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Hi Matt,

Yes, sounds like you've got a grasp on the ideas behind access permissions to me :) Most churches seem to find it's better in the long run to have different 'levels' for access permissions rather than just personalized ones for separate positions. A lot of churches will have access permissions levels such as 'admins', 'members', 'group leaders', and 'connect pastors'.

I've also passed on that feature request to have description fields implemented into the access permissions.

Hope this helps!

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