Adding new family at check in

I love the ability to quickly add a new family at the check in process, however we find it very unhandy for the large percentage of mixed families which are so common today. When you add each person at the bottom of the input screen, it would be a tremendous benefit to be able to change their last name from the default last name of the parent. Now we have to go to each child record and change their last name when it is different from the parent or person checking them in. (Also allowed us to duplicate the child records if they were already checked in by a different adult previously when we changed to their right last name?)

Also, it would be much quicker if we could key in the birth date in a mm/dd/yyyy format option, but that isn't a show stopper.


Posted by Gary L

Hi Gary,

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us :) I've passed on your request to have a 'last name' field there as well as the ability to key in the birthdate on that screen.

Regarding your issue with duplicates,where does this issue seem to happen? You're saying that when you check-in a child already in the database, they come up twice when the last name has been changed?

Let me know,

Posted by hannah.pettett

We entered the child through the check in family add screen, then went to their profile and changed their last name as was not the same as the parents. I don't think it warned us that the child was already in the database as they had originally been checked in by an adult other than their parents (grandparent, neighbor?). I'll watch for it and let you know if it happens again. Thanks so much for the great support!

Posted by Gary L

Hi Gary,

You won't get a warning for potential duplicates, but rather you can run a report to search and merge them together in people. This might help you

Let me know if you have any other issues!

Posted by hannah.pettett

Is the ability to specify a different last name on the road map anywhere?

This is something that would be greatly beneficial to us. Out of all of our families, I would guess that more than half have different last names than the parents.

Hi Kennon,

Thanks for your message! Very soon we're working on the ability to customize the add people/family from the check-in area which will mean you'll be able to allow different last names. We don't have an exact release date just yet but I can assure you it's very high up there and should be out in a coming release.

Appreciate your patience! let me know if I can help any further.


Thanks Ben. Great to hear. :)

Hey Ben,

So we're looking to start using check-ins on March 6th. Do you think this new functionality will be in place then? Or should I setup a custom form for a little while?

Hi Kennon,

Although this feature is high on our list I wouldn't want to promise it'll be done by that date because anything can happen between now and the 6th March. For now, a custom form might be the safest bet.

Thanks for your patience!


Ok thanks.

Hi guys

I'm just adding in my request here also.   We want to start using this but the inability to have a different surname is really quite limiting.

I would also like the ability to add / remove some of the fields to suit our needs - including the ability to add custom fields.

Looks like this has been on the cards for a while now - is it any closer to having a change being implemented?



Hi Kristy,

We've made some back end changes to assist with this in the future, but haven't started on this specifically yet.

Hope this helps,


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