Month view for rosters

Hi all,
We're fairly new to rostering via Elvanto & want to use all the functionality available.
I don't believe we can see a month roster? Being able to view a months roster would be really handy to check if a volunteer has been missed or over used.
Can this be added to the enhancement list?


Posted by timarm

Hi Tim,

Thanks for reaching out to us with this!

We have an 'edit multiple services' feature that might help here - it allows you to view and edit all volunteers on the roster for a certain period of time. Just go into the 'Services' tab of the admin area and you should see a button at the top right that says 'Edit Multiple Services'. Check out for more info.

Hope this helps you,

Posted by hannah.pettett

Thanks Hannah,
We'll give this a try. Thanks for the quick reply.


Posted by timarm

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