RSS feed in the sidebar

Just wondering if anyone has succeeded in creating a sidebar which includes an rss feed? I want to use the sidebar as a way of feeding prayer points to our people. I tried, but it only came up with the feed address.

Any help or suggestions would be welcome. Maybe it is something that Elvanto could include as a future feature.

Dean Ingham
Crossroads Christian Church

Posted by dean

Hi Dean,

I'll go in and file it as a feature request for a future update! :)

Posted by hannah.pettett

Hi Dean, I realise that your request was posted more than 2 years ago, but if you still want to show an RSS feed in a sidebar, I managed to get one working using a text sidebar and one of the online RSS to javascript generators -

The method is to use the generator from the link above to convert your RSS feed URL to HTML code. Once you have that, in Elvanto create a new text sidebar, then in the Content box, switch to <source> view, and paste in the generated HTML from the link above. This online generator is the only one that I have found to work, after testing many online which use Javascript, IFrames, etc.

Hope this is useful!

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