Guests using Child Check-in

Hi guys,

Are there any plans to add a 'Guest' Option to the self check-in?
and in the mean time, what would you suggest as a temporary solution... A form?


Posted by matt.lang91

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for the idea - I'll pass it on to the developers as an idea for self-check in!

In the meantime, yes, I'd recommend a form for catching new people at a self check in area. You could even have a separate table for new people checking in that's staffed with volunteers to do manual entry.

Hope this helps you,

Posted by hannah.pettett

Is it possible to add an entire family using a form or would it have to just be the child?

Hi Matt,

At this stage, only one person can be added with a form. It's something we are looking at adding in, though.

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