Is is possible to generate a mailchimp subscriptions report?

I haven't been able to find a way of viewing whether an individual is included in our mailchimp subscriptions other than viewing that individual on the admin side.

Hi Wez,

You can generate a custom report to display people's email preferences by changing the filter criteria. Just select "Email Preferences", "contains" and then the subscription you want to see the results for. 

Hope this helps!


Thanks Hannah,

all that's showing is [-]receive general emails [-] Receive emails when scheduled on a service. These relate to emails sent from within elvanto only.

It's whether they're been subscribed to mailchimp lists from elvanto that I'm keen to see (and for that matter give people access to their own setting at the elvanto end--if memory serves me there is no way for elvanto to pick up when people unsubscribe in mailchimp so it's suggested in help that they change that setting at the elvanto end).

Thanks again,


Hi Wez,

Ah, yes, sorry about the confusion.

Unfortunately we cant really generate MailChimp lists at the moment, it's probably something you would have to do in MailChimp itself at this stage. I can see why you'd want to do it in elvanto though, as yes, you'd want to change the setting from there to all be synchronized. I'll file it as a feature request to be looked at in the future.



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