How do I allow people to opt in/out of being included in the church directory?

It would be great to be able to add a check box in the 'My Account' view.

Hi Wez,

I'll put this forward as a feature request with the developers :)



If you do add this feature, could you please make it optional? I think that we might prefer our admins to make the opt-out decision.

This is similar to a request I have to force people to agree to privacy policy before being able to view or be listed in the directory.

Hi Andrew,

We've since implemented this feature - see for more information.



That solution only gets half way for our church because we ask our members to agree to a privacy policy before granting access to the member directory. In an ideal scenario we would be able to send them an email that rather than immediately approving their access in the member directory, it takes them to a page with a privacy policy and a check box indicating their agreement.

Also, I assume this only works for people with an active log in (i.e. volunteers)? 

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