Group Leader Reminder for Service Attendance

Hi guys

I have been looking at the changes for sending reminder to Group Leaders to submit their group reports however I was wondering if their is a way to extend this to include reminders for those who are yet to submit group reports for service attendance???  

This would really come in handy but given it doesn't match the day / time for group meeting times it doesn't fit the current criteria.

Even if it was a people view we could create and contact from there to identify those that are yet to submit reports for a particular service / location... But at the moment devleoping a query like that isn't available so it is a manual process to review and message...

Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Dreambuilders Church

Hi Kristy,

Thanks for the idea :) It's something we're looking at adding in in the future, so I'll pass on your feedback. I can see how this would be useful when you have multiple services and locations.



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