Graphs for group reporting

I like the graphs that are part of the reporiting section. They are great to see what is happening in the group. However, when it comes to the leadership and what we need to see, I wish we had:

  • A graph in which we could select the groups that we want to be included in that graph.
  • We could select the graph to be based on weeks, months, quarters or year. Looking at it on a per day of the week is not helpfull, but confusing for the leadership (this is the way it appears on the reports). I personally almost never look at a report. That is why I like the graph with in the group reporting.
  • It could be something like a Group Reporting tab under Groups. There you get to choose which groups you want to include in your graph, date ranges and let program produce the graph
I know part of this is in the Reports section. I like the interactivity of the graph in the group reporting tab.


Hi Pablo,

Thanks for sharing those ideas - I'll file them in to be looked at when we release an update for group reporting.



I am just going to second an enhancement with group reports.  I would love the ability to specifiy eg. only connect groups and that only those groups would be listed on reports / people views.  At the moment ALL groups a person is attached will be listed but some of those groups are totally unrelated and are there to serve a different purpose.


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