Child Check-in Login

Quick question...

Does somebody need to be logged into Elvanto to open the Self Service Checkin screen?

Het Matt,

Happy to help!

So, someone with access permissions allowing them to use the function needs to log in initially, but clicking the Self check in button will open in to a new window where you'll have to re-log in to access the account again.

Hope that makes sense! It's for security purposes - we want to make sure people aren't going in to other areas from the check-in window!



I think so, but just to be sure,

I'd like to be able to access this screen without someone having to login initially...

Just so we can reduce the steps involved for our volunteers on Sunday.


Hi Matt,

Unfortunately that's not possible at this stage. 

If there's anything else I can do for you, let me know!



Not sure if it helps - we created a kids checkin login that limited their access significantly.  It meant that we didn't need to give all our people who oversee the checkin greater access.  They all use the one login.


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