Linking people on auto rostering

Is there a way to link people together for specific purposes so that they will be placed together when autorostering? In areas such as kitchen duty, welcoming or gardening some people prefer to be rostered together with family or friends. This would not apply all of the time, as they may also be volunteers in other areas where such links would not apply. We are finding when autorostering that husbands and wives/friends are sometimes autorostered on different weeks when they would prefer to be together.


Peter Maywald

Queanbeyan Uniting Church 

Hi Peter,

It's something we're looking at, but don't currently support. We're hoping to do an update to Rostering in the coming months, so I will pass on your feedback!



Hi Hannah,

Has this been implemented? It's very important for us as we have several parent/child and husband/wife combinations.

Tx, Graeme

Hi Graeme,

Unfortunately not. The team are busy with development for V2, but it's high on our priority list.

I'll be sure to pass on your interest to see this completed,


Hi, I'd like to add my support to this request. I have tried to achieve the same effect by setting up some mini 'Teams' but, as far as I can work out, Teams can't be auto-rostered - so they have to be manually entered first. It works, but it's time consuming and rather defeats the value of the auto-rostering! 



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