Default data values for church member - visible in member directory

Hi there,

At the moment it seems, when you create a new person in the database, it automatically sets the 'visible in the member directory' value to 'Yes'. Can I change the default value for this so that we don't make the mistake of making them visible before they have given us permission to do so?



Hi James,

Yes that's possible. You can assign a default people category when people are first created, and then exclude that people category to not show in the Members Database.

To do this:

1. Go to Admin -> Settings -> People Settings

Select the category you want to exclude in the Members Directory

2. Go to Admin -> Settings -> Member Directory

Under 'Exclude People Categories', check the categories you want to exclude. 



Thanks Chris.

But just clarify, in terms of setting a 'default' value on a particular 'People field' on a persons record, that's not something we can do? Is that right?


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