Additional Options for Service Attendance

Just throwing this out there to see if anyone else would find this of value.

When entering service attendance for us it would be great to be able to define additional options when indicating whether or not a person is at a service.

At the moment you can say here or not here but I can't break it down further to say why someone isn't there.  When we are cross checking our attendance in the services module (as it is actually initially entered via groups) it would be great to be able to reduce the list based on an additional criteria - eg. holidays, missions trip and possibly others.

For the activity against a person we know that they are not there but it would be great for cross checking and statistics to be able to say why numbers were down etc.

Would this be of value for anyone else?

Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Dreambuilders Church

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Hi Kristy,

Love this idea, I see how this could be useful for reporting! I'll put it forward as a feature request, but would also love to hear of any other churches would find this extra check for unavailability useful, or if there are any other usability issues surrounding the current unavailability system!

This is essential in my view. Currently we have to maintain two databases - elvanto and an excel spreadsheet. In the excel spreadsheet I use the following codes.

P - present

A - away (for a known reason such as holidays or simply that someone has told me they will be away)

S - they are sick

C - they are caring for someone who is sick

Blank - they were absent but I don't know why

When I run the report from elvanto about those who are missing services, I then need to check against the excel spreadsheet to see if I need to follow up as a pastoral care matter.

So, please, please, please implement Kristy's suggestion.


Hi Graeme,

Thanks for the feedback - these details really help!

I'll be sure to look at this in our upcoming Services update.



HI guys

Just sitting here going through some service updates and got thinking of this.  Just wondering if this is anywhere on the radar as yet??

I know Beta has been the priority just wondering if this fits into the scheme of things with a time frame.



Hi Kristy,

No updates at this stage. As we work through beta I'd say the next planned update is to tackle lockdowns again. Either way I'll be sure to pass the interest on!



Hi guys just wondering if this is something that is any closer to being on the radar?

To have greater flexibility to categorize why someone is absent would be of great value.



I agree that this would be useful. Currently, I use custom reporting features to indicate how many people are sick (if I know) and how many are on vacation/out of town (again, if this information is known to me), but it doesn't give me the option to track who that is, which would be nice.

As we are beginning the roll out of Elvanto for our church this is one of the major issues standing in the way of leaving Pastoral Care 12 behind. Apart from using custom reporting, is there a way to jerry-rig the system? For example could you have groups that "meet" each Sunday labelled; Absent Known, Absent Unknown, Unwell, Working, Mission Trips etc. And add the people to those groups to be added into numbers? Though that would also throw your stats for the service off, without using custom reports.

I haven't used groups before, would that work?

This would definitely be a help. Just did a quick calculation and over 1/3 of our absentees are actually on holidays and don't need to be followed up. Having a 'holiday' category would save us a lot of time when we go through the list.

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