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We have some groups that meet fortnightly (every 2 weeks) but not quite.

They meet on the 1st & 3rd days of a week and others meet on the 2nd and 4th day of a week. Can this feature be added at some stage.


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Hi Graeme,

Yes you're quite able to set this up - setting the frequency of when a group meets depends on the DAY the group meets and the START DATE of the group. So it is possible to have a group that meets on the 1st, 3rd week and another 2nd, 4th week :)

Here's the way on how to set this up - for example: Let's just say you have both groups that meets on WEDNESDAYS on alternating weeks:

For Group A:

Set the DAY to Wednesday, START DATE for the first week of the month, FREQUENCY to 'every 2 weeks'

For Group B:

Set the DAY to Wednesday, START DATE for the second week of the month, FREQUENCY to 'every 2 weeks'

Once you have saved both of the groups and had added people in, view the Events Calendar, you should be able to see that Group A and Group B meets on alternating weeks.

Feel free to shoot us an email for more help on how to set this up :)

Thanks Chris,

That's not quite what I mean. Sorry for not being clear. It's not two groups it's one. Let's say it meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday and I set it up to start on July 2. If I use the every 2 weeks method, the group will meet on 2, 16 and the next meeting would be two weeks later, 30th because that's a 5th Wednesday and the group doesn't meet on 5th Wednesday and the next meeting would end up being on the 2nd Wednesday in August instead of the 1st.



Was there a solution for this? We have the same problem - '1st and 3rd Monday' is not the same as 'every second Monday' because sometimes there are five Mondays.

Hi Graeme

Thanks for the question.

In October last year we added more options for Group Meeting options. For what you want to do you'll want to go Monthly > Every 1 months > On First and Third Monday.

Hope this helps,


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