Protecting info on <18 yr olds

This might be a little long, but hopefully if you read it entirely you might be able to help me. We have a concern with info about minors being available to everyone, at the same time we need certain people to have access to it. 

So, currently here is our setup:

  • We sat up 3 people categories: "Members", "Visitors", "Minors <18 yrs". This allowed us the following advantages
  • 1. This allowed us to set an Access Permission category "Access to Minors" which all it did was allow the uses to see people with this "Minors <18 yrs" category. we assigned this level of access to people that needed to see "Minors". Users could be in the childrens department or not.
  • 2. Having the category of minors allowed us to set up a slightly different layout that accounted for things related to minors, like special release forms that needed to be tracked.
  • 3. The layout of Elvanto when looking at a person is set up so that above the photo appears the Name and the Category. This way we could easily see if the person was a Member or a Visitor. (See Attached

The problem arrose when a teenager (minor) became a Member. At this point it lost our protection of info for that minor because his category changed to Member.

I have looked at the following options buy none satisfy me yet:

  1. Using Lockdown Areas: My understanding is that lock down areas work with departments and not people. This would not allow the user that does not work in the kids department but needs access to the kids info anyways because of other reasons. I have not used the lockdown areas before, therefore I welcome any suggestions on this method.
  2. Changing the People Categories to: Adult, Minor and track Member and Visitor in demographics. The Member & Visitor categories line up with our church leadership thinking culture and tracking them in demographics means that when looking at a person's profile we would need to scroll through the demographics too find out if it is a member or not - quite tedious.

Our original setup worked perfectly for our situation, hopefully anyone out there could help us out.


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Hi Pablo,

Thanks for sharing those details with me, I'd be happy to find a solution that works for your church here!

There's a couple of things you could do to restrict access to people under 18, but the easiest way would be to use demographic lockdowns. People categories isn't a great solution because a person can only be in one people category, and you will run into problems like you've found with reporting on your member's and visitors.

What you'd want to do is lock down by demographics, not departments. Set up a demographic that has a demographic progression on it to accommodate everyone under 18, and then assign all the leaders you want to grant access to it into the demographic as well. Once that lockdown is applied on an access permission, people will only be able to see those within their assigned demographic. If you've got a 'Children/Minors' demographic, and an 'adult' demographic (you might even want to set up sub demographics if it helps you), this might work quite well.

Let me know if I can further clarify this, or if you have any other questions!



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