Email notifications when rostering volunteers

Hi, I am wondering if I have the ability to disable email notifications to volunteers when I am doing rosters and then send all the email notifications when the roster is completely done. At the moment I do the rosters for a whole month by using the 'edit multiple services' functionality. It takes a bit of shuffling around to get the roster right, and every time a volunteer is added or moved around, they receive an email notification. This means that a volunteer could possibly receive notifications for a position they may never be roster for.

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Hi Nathan,

Happy to help! 

You can turn off automatic notifications for scheduled volunteers by going into your settings (Settings -> Service Settings). Once you're happy with the roster, you can contact all rostered volunteers at once by clicking the 'Contact Volunteers' button from within the service window. This article might help further clarify!

Let me know if you get stuck,


Thanks Hannah, I was aware of the 'Contact Volunteers' button. However, I do not have access to the extra settings having only an admin account rather than a super admin account. Thanks for the help.



The feature of separating the roster from the service is needed! Making a draft roster ahead of time is something we do all the time. However, I don't want to publish this before I want, so that people don't get confused when they log into the mobile app.

Please push this up on the backlog!


+1  I would also like this feature request - currently when our roster person does the roster, everyone gets lots of emails sent to them which they find confusing as they're put on, then taken off, etc while the roster is in draft, and I have got a number of comments about this from our members! Not all of them are completely IT literate, so it's often difficult to explain what's happening to them...

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