Calendar Order

Could you guys allow us to place calendars in order inside the legend on the admin and member views. In the picture below you see how they show, out of alphabetical order, however we may want to:

-  keep certain calendars at the top of the list, or 

-  Have categories for Calendars to simplify their view, here are a few examples

  • Category-Administrative, with the calendars (Secretarial, Equipment Maintenance)
  • Category-Small Groups, with calendars (Small Group meetings, Leadership Training)
  • Category-Ministries, with calendars (every ministry that requires a calendar)

Keep up the good work.
(8.31 KB)

Sure thing! 

I can most certainly add this to our feature request area - I'll add in details that people should be able to reorder the list of calendars and set a calendar category to show/hide calendars.

Thanks for a great suggestion!


Ooh yes!  Did this happen? 

We're just trying to work this out now. 

Any updates appreciated. 


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