Family relationships for adult children

I'm wondering how others categorize adult children in their family relationships. Should they be recognized as their own family upon turning 18? Or should they be categorized as their own family when they move out on their own (which could be never)? Or is there some other measuring stick people use to determine when to create a new family from those who were formerly children?

Hi David,

Elvanto doesn't employ any measuring sticks to say whether a child is of age to becoming an adult :) However, a great way to save on pricing is to mark those under a family as a 'child' such that they don't get counted towards pricing of your plan. From this, yes you're able to have a 24+ year old child, but when you're running reports, sometimes the 24 year old child will get counted in the children's reports.

I'll open up the floor for any other churches with tips about this topic.



In our church, our rule is when the child becomes self-sufficient (lives on their own, contributes to the church) then they are classified as an individual adult. Otherwise they are classified as a child of a family. But we are a small church and we can manage those relationships centrally.


We change kids to adults as soon as they turn 18, mark them as a volunteer and "remove" them from their family. Yes, this means we have to count them towards our quota but it does fix up some aspects of volunteering and how we run reports. 

We remove them from their family once they turn 18, mainly, because they show up as a kid to be checked in. It's embarassing. 

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