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We have a number of volunteers who serve in our cleaning team. One of the volunteers in new to elvanto and serves in our ushers team, and asked if it would be possible to create an elvanto roster for the cleaning team. I don't want to create "services" throughout the week for them, and I wondered if you would have any suggestion on how we could make this possible?

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Hi Chris,

Great question!

I agree that services would be a bit of a difficult way of doing this, so I think the best thing would actually be to create a recurring event. Is the cleaning done at the same time every week, or is it important that the time be recorded against the event? If not, or if it's done at the same time, just set up an event to have in the system each week. You could 'invite' the particular volunteer against an occurrence, and restrict the event as a whole to the department.

Just an idea - perhaps other churches have some thoughts this could be facilitated in the system!

Hope this helps you,


We have a similar issue. We set up the church in a school hall each week and have a number of teams that perform this role on rotation. Currently we have them set up as a department of the Sunday service but this is less than ideal because their "time of service" is a few hours before and then a few hours after the service.

We have the same issue as Chris - how do you roster non-church volunteer activities. 

The problem with using Events is that there is no automated reminder email for volunteers. Also, it doesn't appear on someone's roster. 

The problem with using services is we have to create a separate service which appears on the global calendar. 

I agree with Scott. We would like to have the rostering capabilities (reminder email, scheduling, unavailability) attached ot events / group / meetings.

Thanks for all the feedback! We do have plans to support non-service rosters and reminders, so stay tuned! 

This would be amazing! We'd love to see the ability to roster outside of services and have reminders. Reminders via SMS would be great too.

Hi Elvanto - any update on plans for this functionality? Thanks :)

Desiring this same capability.

Have any churches come up with another way of having cleaning on their roster? We are struggling in this area too...

At the moment I think the easiest solution is to have them under the Service, with new Departments (we have Chefs and Kitchen Cleaning). If you have a case like Andrew (3 hours before and after), maybe just have 2 different positions in Sub-Departments like "Pre-Service Care" or "Post-Service Care"

Yes - we are just setting up Elvanto and also have this question for cleaning and mowing rosters. Has there been any progress here?

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