People Flow reminders

The reporting reminders for groups is an excellent feature.

I'd love a similar thing available to remind people to action a people flow that has been assigned to them. Similar to that for groups - the ability to set automated reminder emails at specified intervals would be a great help in being able to follow-up people in a timely manner.

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the suggestion - I'm glad this process is working for you. I'll be sure to add your vote to this feature request - for people to be reminded that people have been assigned to them in a people flow.


We too would love a People Flow reminder feature!

Please add our vote to this also.

Ditto from us ... :)



Please add my support to this. This would greatly improve the usability of people flows in my opinion. Especially if the reminder can be sent on the due date. The current system allows for people to be notified when someone is added to the step, but for tasks only due in 30 days, or not relevant immediately, it's not very helpful. Reminders would really help! Integration with the upcoming app - to enable push notifications would also be superb!

Hi Brendon

We were having a discussion internally a few days ago about improving the inbuilt notification system, so we'll likely add this into that improvement as well.

For now I've added your support to this request.


G'day Stewart, 

Any progress on this front? 

It would be such a help to be able to automate this part of people flows, to assist all our leaders in staying on top of our processes. 


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