Multiple service plan times

What is the best way to do multiple service plans for the same service time.  For example, on Wednesday night at 7 pm, we have our main service, we have a youth service, and a kids service.  Each service wants to do a service plan and roster volunteers.  

Are you setting up 3 different service types and services, or in one service type, are you using the add service times and naming the service, or are you doing like a rehearsal and adding other service times?

Needing help for the best way to do this.


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Hi Robert,

Happy to help! 

If your kids and youth team want to create their own service plans, then you would need to create them as separate services, unfortunately. While you can facilitate rostering for all these areas on one service, it's only possible to have one plan at this stage.

I've put it forward as a feature request for a single service to be able to facilitate multiple plans going forward, too.

Hope this helps you, and if there's anything I can further clarify, let me know!


New question, we added the other 2 service types so each area can have their own service plan, but now at Check-In, all 3 services show up and the parent has to choose which service.  Is there a way for only the one service we want to show up?

Hi Robert,

Are the parents using the Self Check in page for this? 

You should be able to set the service you're wanting to use for check in upon first open of the Check in Area, not have to reselect it each time.

Let me know!

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