Parent Label Not Printing

I am trying to get my check-in figured out and the childrens tickets print out perfect but then 3 blank labels come out.  Do you have any suggestions for me?

my printers are DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo.

Thanks so much!

Small update to this: The parent label is printing now, however there are 6 blank labels between each label that prints. So for every child/parent label that prints, I have 12 blank labels that come out. Any fixes for this?

Hi Ben,

Thanks for sending this through. Unfortunately I wasn't able to replicate this with our systems - we too have a 450 Twin Turbo in the office for testing.

For this can you send us the browser and operating system you are using?

Here are some steps to troubleshooting:

See if Elvanto is sending blank pages to your printer

  • To see if this is an issue with your set up, can you disconnect the printer from your computer (USB)
  • Try to reprint check-in labels.
  • Your printer service should say 'printer is not connected' - however, you're able to view the printer output using a Mac (I'm not too sure on Windows). 
  • If there are no blank pages being sent to your printer, then I think this is a driver-related issue.

Reinstalling drivers - refer to our support article here
Installing Dymo SDK
Installing Dymo Label Writer Software

The Support article also includes extra troubleshooting steps for you to test. However, if you feel like you don't want to include your computer specs and set up details in this forum post, you could also send us a friendly support ticket through


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