Integrate Mailchimp with People Flows?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if it's possible to subscribe a person to a mailchimp list through a people flow? The reason I ask is because we have a people flow for when people join our church which triggers a bunch of things - it would be great if we could automatically add them to our mailchimp email list as part of this process - rather than manually (and forgetting half the time).

Cheers guys

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Hi Andy,

Hmm… it's not possible at this stage, but I see how this is useful for a church really - including an automated step sure beats doing this by hand :) I'll add your vote to the feature request.



Thanks Chris,

I guess it depends on how easy it is to integrate that feature with Mailchimp (perhaps requiring some complex db lookups, etc)... but def would be helpful for us.


We would also love this feature - Especially for our exit process. 

We found that if we archive a person, it doesn't automatically remove them from a mailchimp subscription list.

We would like to do this (as they no longer need to receive an internal e-newsletter once they have 'officially' left the church).

Having a step to unsubscribe a person in a people flow will ensure that this gets processed for our exit procedure.



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