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I was thinking of something that would make it easy and quick for us to see how is a group doing as far as attendance. I know that there are reports that can be set, but I was looking for a graphical way with in the reporting tab of the group. I copied some screens and came with this idea - SEE FILE ATTACHED. I wonder if it is doable.

May be some kind of graphical mode can be placed on the individual profile of each person that way you can quickly see if the person has been comming to the small groups. I know that it can be looked up in the activity tab, but it is cumbersome and hard to track that way. 

Basically, we are trying to identify quick ways (Visually) in which we can see involvement of the person, being in the discipleship program, or small groups. 

I wonder this general idea would benefit anyone else,

Great idea Pablo - I'll make sure to add this in for the feature request area. I'm sure this would be a nice addition for our Groups pages.

So would your request be to give you the ability to display people's individual attendances over time - from within the Groups > Reporting tab:

  • displayed as a bar / column chart (attended, absent, average attendance) over a set period of time (weeks, months, years)
  • displayed as a table

Let me know guys - we'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Just to expand:

What we are looking for is how do we determine health with in a group and with in an individual. Attendance is one of the things we look at. 

For groups is fairly easy, just look at the attendance of the group at an individual level. This is the idea I was trying to show above.

For individuals is not as easy. It depends on how church's define that a person is maturing. Attendance is one of them. But attendance to what? In our church we look at attendance of 3 programs:

  • Worship Service
  • Small Groups - Small groups are open and attendance pretty much gives us an idea if the person is engaged or not.
  • Discipleship program (we use several courses in a progressive manner and use elvanto groups to track them). Here is where we see the most use of something graphical to track.  Because the courses are designed to take someone that either is investigating about Christianity or has just began a walk with Jesus, we look at attendance to the courses as a level of maturity/compromise.  Each course is taking certain areas of his new spiritual walk.  In this case attendance gives us a quick measuring tool. We use notes to give us the details that the attendance points to.
So the idea is - how could we see visually & quick how attendance is distributed for a particular person. If we could see the groups (being able to choose which groups would be helpful since we don't necessarily need to see all groups) that the person is involved with and see visually his attendance would be a very helpful means to see if there are ways in which this particular person may be struggling.

Group A    +   +   +   +   -   -   -   -  --> in this case I don't care about dates, just looking at the pluses and minus gives me an idea that this person began well this course but it is struggling. When another minister, let's say a small group leader or a ministry leader is going to work with this person, they could quickly see their struggle or success. We try to train all of our ministry leaders and group leaders to get people involved in our discipleship program, that way it is not only the discipleship staff that is looking into helping this person, but the church and this is what makes people feel - LOVED, CARED FOR. We are coming at them from different ministries, areas of the church with the same goal - help him mature.

Enough ranting,

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