Regarding song types and categories

When adding or editing songs, I understand that songs can be allocated by both type and category. Whilst I know how to add and edit song categories, I cannot seem to find the option to edit song types. At present, the only two song types available are 'song' and 'item', and I was hoping to add more 'types' which songs may be allocated to.

Does the option exist, or is 'song categories' the only customisable feature at the moment?

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Hi Daniel,

That's right - at the moment the 'song categories' is the only customisable feature at the moment.

However, I can forward a feature request to allow you to add more Song Types for the songs area. Were there more song types you want to add in or were you after the ability to add your own in?



Hi Chris,

Thanks for the speedy response. If you were able to forward a request for more Song Types, that would be much appreciated. I would like the ability to customise and add in my own song types, and I believe that would be more helpful than having a static list of types.



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