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Hi, We built a bunch of custom forms with the API for things like creating new families as the built in ad person functionality wasn't quite what we required and the forms system was lacking a few things like multiple people in one form, plus we wanted to set it up and style it differently. But there's a few thing that we lack when using custom API forms, We cant easily track and edit submissions, and we cant store form specific information without creating more custom fields in the people views.

What I would like is to be able to do is use the API to submit information into a elvanto custom form, including accessing custom fields in the form, and also be able to do event regos through the API. This would solve my two big issues and also allow me to build custom event regos with a payment system.


Thanks for your thoughts Rohan.

I've created this as a feature request for now and have added your vote to it. 



Are we any closer to having any of these features?? Its been 12 months since the last API changes.

these missing API features are really holding us back from developing the applications we need for our church.

Hi Rohan.

As I mentioned in a separate forum post earlier, we are looking at expanding our API services some time after the V2 release.

Sorry for the delay in the reply. 


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