Automatically adding newcomers to a people flow


Sorry if this has been covered and my googling/searching hasn't been able to find it but...

Is there a feature in existence already whereby a person is automatically added to a people flow?  Either via default (ie, all people added get put in it) or via category (Ie, based on service, age, etc people are automatically added to certain people flows).

I'm not necessarily demanding it, but if it's there and I just can't find it then I'd appreciate my ignorance being cured. :)


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Hey Peter,

Great question! It's a current feature request in development. I see how that would be useful to simplify your processes. I'll add in your vote in if you like.

Let me know,


+1 for the "automatic people flow"  ex: back office enters a a first time visitor card, they should automatically be entered into a "visitor people flow".  :)

This would be a fantastic feature!! Please add my vote:)


This would be ideal.

Yes, please do add my vote to the list.  It feels like this is exactly the sort of thing that elvanto was built for, so it's weird that it doesn't have this functionality already.


Please add my vote as well. Thanks!

Has my vote too! :)

Has any progress been made on this?

Being able to set up auto-add to people flow logic would be a HUGE help.

Hi everyone! It appears it's been a while since anyone replied here.

We haven't yet made any progress on this. We're definitely wanting to look at ways to do this better in the future, although I'm not sure if we'd want to make this completely automatic.

Hope this helps,


Just a temporary solution for those looking to do this with what's currently available:

  • Create a form that only your admin people would have access to
  • Use the standard people fields that you would want to fill out when creating a new profile... design it the same way as your profile creation page if you want.
  • Set up the form to add new people to the database
  • Set up the actions to automatically add the person to a people flow
I realize this doesn't tackle families being added, however, once your first person is created, you can always go to their profile and add additional family members easy enough.

The nice option here is that if you have a visitor information card that you don't necessarily want to track all the information from it in a persons profile through the use of custom fields, it can be tracked in the form instead.

Anyway, this is my method of automating things, it may not be for everyone though.

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