Send an SMS Text Message

When sending an SMS Text Message via Elvanto there is a default "Allow Replies to this Message" that is always checked on.  

I don't know about anyone else but it would be great if we could override this default as not all SMS accounts are set up to receive replies.  It would be great if at the People Settings page we could define if this is in actual fact an option at all.  If it isn't it would be great if this option wasn't even displayed.  At a minimum if we could control the default - checked or unchecked.


Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Dreambuilders Church

Hi Kristy,

Thanks for picking this up. I'll suggest to the developers to have this setting moved to SMS Integration section in People Settings and for you to have the ability to:

  • Show / Hide the ability to 'allow replies to this message'
  • If shown -> Have a default Check/Uncheck option for 'allow replies to this message'
As always, I'll include your vote for this :)


Hey Guys, we also would love this feature as well. I see this was posted a year ago, so I assume nothing has happened. We just need to be able to default to having it unchecked.

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