Scheduled Notes Notification Email

Is it possible for an automatic email to be sent when a note action is scheduled for someone.

Example: my administrator schedules/assigns a note for me to contact an individual, and I get an email notifying me to login and check my dashboard.


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Hi Sam,

That's a useful suggestion! :) It's a very popular idea often suggested by the Elvanto community. 

As for an ETA, we'll try to fit this within the next two months of our development cycle.

Have a great day!


Awesome, thanks!


I'm just learning how to use Elvanto and I notice that when I action a note for someone, they get a notification but when they complete the note, I don't get a notification. I think this would be a great feature to an already great system.

Hi Ross.

This is currently not possible.

I've added a feature request for this though.

Hope this helps,


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