Default Family Home Address to Mailing Address

I really like the fact that Elvanto allows you to have different Mailing and Home addresses for people and families.  However, in our church they are the same in 99% of cases.

Is there a way to default the Home Address to the Mailing address when adding a new family to save duplicate data entry (and simplify ongoing data maintenance)?

I know that I can do it AFTER I have created the family, by using the "Copy to Home Address" option in the Edit Person window. It would be so much easier if there was a tick box on the "Add New Person/Family/Contact" screen which said "Home Address Same as Mailing Address".

Thanks very much.


Hi Michael,

I like this idea!

I've included your vote to have a checkbox to tick off when adding a new person into Elvanto - which might include something along the lines of: 'Same as home / mailing address'.



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