Volunteer Positions report should allow Next Month option

Can you please modify the Volunteers Position Report to allow the Date Range to support the following options:

- "Next Month"

- "Next 2 Months"

- "Next Quarter".

- "Next Year"

The report currently only supports date ranges in the current of previous months (unless a Custom Date Range is specified).

We share a private link to this report with volunteers so that they can quickly see who else is rostered onto upcoming services (without having to give them access to the full Service Volunteers page).  At the moment we have to share a private link to a report that we create for each upcoming month using Custom Date Ranges.  However, if the report allowed you to select "Next 2 months" we would not need to re-create the Report every month.



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Hi Michael,

Great idea! For this, I've included your vote to put more date ranges for reports and added your options as considerations when extending the feature in Elvanto.

Have a great day!


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