Group & Service Structure

Hello all, 

I just recently signed up and I am trying to read through all the articles. It's rather difficult, as I am trying to avoid duplicating the work or restarting each time. 

I am trying to create the following flow (not sure if this is correct)

Congregation Database
1. Adding all the families, children, relationships. (looking for an easy import if possible)

Groups & Services (this is confusing)

So, I have setup 11 groups (all for Sunday school) Example (1st & 2nd Grade, 3rd & 4th Grade, etc).....I plan on adding the members to each of the groups along with their leaders. 

- I would like the group leaders to be able to take weekly attendance of their groups. Is this done through the Group or Service?

- What's the purpose of setting up the service versus setting up the group that meets weekly?


 Hi Michael,

That's great that you've signed up with us.

I would recommend checking out our new Getting Started area for a more guided approach when it comes to learning Elvanto's many features. You can find this area by going to Just follow the prompts to Learn the Features, Glossary terms, or Setting Up for the import process.

Import Process & Sample CSV

For help with the Import Process, we've included Sample CSVs that you can download to compare with your file. If there's a specific need, feel free to send through the import file over to us at

Regarding group leader's ability to take weekly attendance of their groups - you'll need to ensure the proper access permissions have been applied. The access permissions to enable leaders to do group reports are:

  • Allow access to 'Groups' > Group Reporting

Marking Groups & Service Attendance

For the purpose of setting up taking attendance for Groups and Services - for groups, you might want to take in attendance data for those going to a particular group during the week. It's all useful information for administrators and leaders at the church. However, those who are going to groups could also attend services, and it's probably easier to track people if you know they're in your group than looking at the whole service and seeing who's attending or not :)

Otherwise, feel free to refer to these articles for the difference between Group and Services reporting, or both:

Let me know if this helps or not!


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