Tracking Visitor Count While Adding Visitor Information

We've just started taking a role for our services and have noticed a problem in how visitors are recorded.

Currently we add all new visitors cards into Elvanto and their attendance to the service is marked.

But then if we fill in the textbox marked "visitors" with the accurate number of visitors, we get an inflated attendance count, as the visitors who gave us cards are counted twice.


Is there a way for us to record an accurate visitor count while still entering in details of our newcomers?

Also, we can't just not record their initial attendance, as they will then appear on our 'missing in action' list.

Hi Josh,

That makes total sense but at this stage we don't really have a workaround for you. 

We'd have to somehow allow you to deduct a number from the guests text box in order for this to work. But that's a bit clunky. Alternatively, we could have another attendance list that is purely for guests that are in the database. For now I'm going to have to place this one in our feature request list to look at for a future update. I'll be sure to add your vote.

Let me know if you have any other questions


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