I am trying to figure out how to use Demographics correctly. 

These are the following categories I have 



Youth (Progression Activated)

---Grade-Based (9-12)

---Sub-Demographic College - Age based - 18-22 years

Children (Progression Activated)

---Grade-Based (Nursery/Preschool - Grade 8)

Are these correct settings?

Case Scenarios that I am trying to figure out before I do a massive import. 

I am assuming that when a family is added, the system recognizes which ones are adults or children, and with the other fields, can organize them appropriately into the demographic.

Assumption # 2 - Members that are added (singles for example) would be added into the adults category automatically?

Does it make sense to have sub-demographics within Families?

- Newlyweds

- Young Families with children

- Senior Citizens?

I would love to see if anyone has examples of the demographic setup they are using. 


Hi Michael,

The demographic settings look good - really depends on what your church uses. Here at Elvanto, we want to provide churches with the tools they need to manage the church, but you're welcome to use our features in a way that best fits your church.

For Assumption #1

When you're doing the import, you'll need to make sure to include a 'Adult' field for the record in a 'Demographic' column otherwise Elvanto won't be able to recognize if the person is under the Adult demographic.

As for the age-based demographic progression, this is calculated by the Date of Birth. Once everyone is in the database, you'll need to go back to the Demographic window and click on 'Assign Demographic Progression'.

If you're asking how Elvanto sorts out Adults / Children for pricing, the easiest way to do this is by adding a 'Family identifier' in the import file - search for the 'Family & Relationships' heading in this Importing People article. We've also included a sample CSV file so you can see how this works.

For Assumption #2

For members that are added, they will have to choose their selected demographic to be included into the 'adults' demographic

Sub-demographics under families - up to you :) Some churches prefer it, some skip it. I'd say it's whichever that works best for your church :)

Hope this helps!


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