Demographics - Part 2

I was trying to reply back to my previous topic, but it wouldn't let me for some reason. 

I am still having difficulty understanding Demographics. I deleted everyone out of the database, so that I can re-add them with the correct Demographics. 

Imagine the following scenario

(Joe and Jane) - Senior Citizens who are a family

Joe Bob, 1, Primary, 

Jane Bob, 1, Spouse, 

(Jack and Jill) - Family with 2 children

Jack Bob, 2, Primary

Jill Bob, 2, Spouse

John Bob, 2, Child 

Jake Bob, 2, Child 

First inclination - according to Demographics, these are 2 families. But, that doesn't tell me anything. I want to know the number of senior citizens in the church, the number of children, the number of youth, but also need to know the number of families. 

How do I set-this up correctly?

How can I apply the Progression correctly?

---Groups question-----

Can I select multiple people in Elvanto and apply to a group ? Or is it best to do that in the CSV file. 


Hi Fr. Michael,

Sorry for the confusion, thought it might be easier if I jumped in here and clarified a few things for you!

By the sounds of it, you're trying to map two different things in the system - families and then each individual's demographics. These areas are not mapped in the same place within the system, but can be set up to complement each other for reference and reporting purposes.

The first thing I'd recommend doing is looking through a couple of new articles we've written that might help clarify the difference between the two. We only launched this area last week- this article goes into how families and children work in the system, and this article which discusses demographics and demographic progression.

When it comes to working with the CSV and mapping demographics, you're going to want to have a few extra columns to ensure this goes in as you're desiring it to.

For example, your first example of Joe and Jane, 

the primary and spouse would be their 'family relationship', and 'senior citizens' would be their demographic - you'll want to show evidence of both within the CSV.

The first column to add will be for your demographics - things like your seniors and those youth demographics that you've set up. Any demographic you'd like the corresponding person to be in, type it in to the corresponding box. It's also important to ensure it's an exact match with the demographic that it's matching to in the system. 

You'll need to record families in your CSV in two columns - first with a Family Identifier and then their Family Relationship (the position within the family). These need to be two separate columns.

Full details about exact formatting of the CSV (and further clarification of these points) can be found here.

Hope this helps clarify a few things for you - if you have any other questions, or if I'm missing anything, just let me know!


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