Departments for non-service/roster roles

 Hi guys,

Another feature that would help us greatly is the ability to use departments for non-rostering purposes.

We would like to add people to a department that isn't used in a service roster such as the mid-week pastoral care team.

That way we can keep track of who is in what department how everyone is serving across the entire church even though it's not directly related to a service.

At the moment you can hide a department from a service type that works when you edit a single service, but when you do the "edit multiple services" all the departments come up whether they are used in the service or not. Having the option of being able to hide departments from the roster system all together would be handy as to not clutter up the rostering page, but when we report on who is in what department you can report on the hidden departments as well.

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Hi Cameron,

Another great idea, I'll put this one in the feature request area too - for you to have the ability of choosing whether to show/hide the departments in Services from the Department area. That way, you might have better control whether to show departments for individual services and for multiple services.

Would this one help you situation?


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