Check-In and People Flow API


Is there API functionality for People Check-Ins and People Flows?

I can't seem to find anything.

Thanks again!

- Doug

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Hi Doug,

Not at this moment, but we'll try to these in for a future update to our API area.

I'll add your votes into this if you like :)



I'd like to add my support for this. I'm tossing around an idea for an Elvanto web app that could greatly benefit from API functionality for People Flows.

Hi, Is there any update on being able to Check-in / Service attendance via API?


Nothing yet Dave.

I'll make sure that we make an announcement when there's an update.


Hi, any more movement on this. Wanting to do iOS/Android app to manage check in / check out. We have just moved from another software to Elvanto and find this checkin/out area limiting. Currently using the web portal. But want to add functionality to this. Thanks Rupert

Hi Rupert,

Not yet. We're wanting to do an entire remake of our API, but there's a lot of back-end work we need to do before we can get everything we want done to be possible.

Hope this helps,


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