Dropbox (or other Cloud storage) Integration with Files

It would be great if Elvanto had Dropbox integration with the "Files" module. This would mean a user could elect to use Dropbox or other Cloud storage instead of Elvanto's storage. You could still charge for this as a premium feature, but it would give users the ability to store a much greater amount of files. 

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Hi Jason,

I'd be happy to add this into our feature request for a future update - were you thinking of enabling a user to connect their individual Dropbox account to Elvanto or to connect a 'church-wide' Dropbox account for the File integration?

Happy to hear your thoughts,


Thanks Chris - I was thinking in our case it would be a shared collaborative folder, but I could see a use case also for just people being able to connect their own personal dropbox to upload from and download to in areas like services.

I'll talk to the devs about this one - they already may have some ideas on what services or ideas to implement this.

The Files Integration does sound like a good idea - if Elvanto was linked to Dropbox, then it does give churches the ability to have a copy of their files stashed somewhere :) and control which ones could be linked to Elvanto. Definitely sounds useful for everyone - for church-wide storage and for personal storage in Elvanto.



Would this work for Google Drive as well?

I second this :)

Any news on this?

Hi Pablo.

No word on this yet. 

It potentially could work with Google Drive as they do have an API for Drive, but as we haven't yet looked into this much we can't promise anything yet.


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