A way to just enter a total for Attendance?

We are a small church, and at this time wont really be using the member database features of Elvanto. Is there a way to just enter in a number of total attendance on the service each week? I tried to see if this was possible, but it looks like its all tied to people being in the member database. I see a blank to enter guests, but we'd just like also to enter a total of members/regular attenders. 

Hi Jason,

Thanks for asking. Fortunately there is a way to report a numeric attendance for your church service (i.e. 100 attended Sunday Church last week). For this, I'll recommend to check out this article on 'How Service Statistics work'. In the article, focus on 'Custom Statistics'.

In the Service Settings page, you'll need to drag a 'Reporting' field into the dotted area in this image. Rename the image to your liking and remember to Save Changes.

The field should now appear in your Service > Reporting tab. You're also able to show / hide these Custom Reporting Fields to your liking by using Service Types, which is explained in the article.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Chris - I did read that article, but it wasn't immediately clear because I already had another "reporting" entry there. I see now - I can add it and rename it to Attendance. 


No worries Jason :)

I'll add a note in to make that article a bit more clearer!

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