When scheduling volunteers, sort by "Last scheduled" rather than by name

I use autoscheduling to ask volunteers to be available for services. When they "Decline",  I have to go in and schedule another volunteer for that spot. When I click the little green plus button, the list is sorted by name. 

It would heaps more helpful to have the list of volunteers for that role sorted by the last time before the service in question that they served in this role. This would help in sharing out the task of volunteering for roles more evenly.

Hi Murray,

That certainly sounds like a great idea - especially helpful to get everyone in the church to serve in the service.



Hi guys as much as I love this idea it would be great to provide choice as to the sorting.

Hi Guys,
I agree that this is an area that needs some work. I'd want to make sure I'm not just picking on the same people each time someone declines. For this solution to be helpful I think the volunteers list cannot be sorted simply by when someone was last on because if you are using "auto-schedule" and do your roster a few weeks in advance, you would find those people rostered on for the following week as well. I think the algorithm would have to look in both directions, forward and back in the roster.

Yes, Ben. This is precisely right. I realised this a few days after I posted the suggestion. Sorted by "rostered furthest away from this date" would be much better if this is to be implemented.

Hi all.

I've added your support to the request both Kristy and Ben, and have made a note of the directional looking Ben as well.

Hope this helps,


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