add mail subscription to mailchimp via api

In adding a new person into elvanto via the api - we notice that we then have to manually add a subsription to a mailchimp list.  This is a bit tedious as it creates a weekly task for our staff.  I couldn't find any fields for subscription to try an add them via the api - does someone know if it's possible and maybe point me in the right direction.



Hi David, 

Would you be able to clarify if you'll be subscribing the person to the MailChimp list as well? In this case, it may be better to import the person using the MailChimp API. When you've set up the integration from MailChimp to Elvanto, if Elvanto detects an existing person in MailChimp, then the subscribe box should be ticked.

For more information, feel free to refer to our article on How to Integrate your account with MailChimp.



So you are saying if I use both API connections (elvanto and mailchimp) then elvanto will "auto-detect" the subscription?  Is that right?

Yes that's right :) so long as the names and details of the person matches the Elvanto record, then yes.

Thanks Chris - appreciate your help.

No worries - if there's anything specific, feel free to send us an email to

Have a great day!


Frustrated with our mailchimp and Elvanto connections. A lot of our people are getting taken off the mailchimp lists and there is no history of that happening. Our women's email, for instance, had a person unsubscribed but she never unsubscribed from mailchimp women's list at all. I had to resubscribe her today.  Are there any reasons why a person would be unsubscribed from a mailing list???


Hi Heidi

Can you please email us at with some specific information about this?

We'll look into this for you.


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